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Welcome to my website !




My name is Eric Scheffel. I'm an economist specialising in macroeconomics (in particular monetary macroeconomics), economic policy, macroeconometric analysis, and the application of numerical methods. Part of my research also involves applying such methods to economic problems, using matrix algebra environments, such as Matlab and Gauss or traditional programming languages suitable for scientific problem-solving such as Fortran, C or C++. While probably not directly suitable for tackling computationally intensive problems, I enjoy the functional elegance afforded by the Clojure programming language. Some of my current research attempts to exploit the substantial speed gains obtained from data parallelism implemented on GPUs, in particular in the context of simulating heterogeneous-agent models.


In my own work I make frequent use of the Python programming language as well as the Scipy/Numpy numerical libraries for Python. More lately however, I have switched to using Python only as a "skeleton prototyping language", with computationally more demanding hotspots in algorithms called directly in compiled C,C++, Fortran and CUDA/OpenCL. I support and use open-source software and employ either Slackware or Debian/Linux as my main productivity environment. I am the creator and maintainer of the Python Macroeconomics Laboratory (PyMacLab), a Python library suitable for solving multivariate non-linear rational expectations models easily. 


Previously, I worked at the Virtual Microdata Laboratory at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) , where I have both supported and also undertaken economic and statistical analyses using Micro Data. Working in the VML has equipped me with invaluable experience in aspects of data security and confidentiality as well as using the latest meta-data standards, such as SDMX and DDI. Currently, I work as Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Nottingham in China.


I hold a PhD in Economics from the economics section of Cardiff Business School (at Cardiff University  in the UK) and an MSc in Economics from the University of Warwick in the UK. In my spare time I run, read philosophy, investigate the latest web technologies and employ web applications for web designs to impress.