Jan 19 2011

Project Literature

Oct 21 2014

ESSLait project now fully closed

Dear all,

The ESSLait project is now fully financially closed.

Main results from the project and its predecessors (ICT Impacts and ESSLimit) are available at www.cros-portal.eu.

The Micro Moments database, including micro-aggregated information for 14 European countries is delivered to Eurostat safe centre and is awaiting clearance for research access.

To the team: Once again many thanks for all the good work!


Eva Hagsten,
Project leader, Statistics Sweden

Dec 18 2013

ESSLait final reporting

Dear all,

Deliverables due end of 2013 was posted here on 27 December.

Best wishes,




Oct 11 2013

Preliminary agenda Rome workshop -Now final

Dear all,

Please find attached a preliminary agenda for the final workshop in Rome on 15-16 October 2013.

Agenda is now final.

Presentations added on 21 October.

Meeting notes added  11 December.

Best wishes, Eva

Sep 10 2013

Sub-theme workshops

Kindly post the agendas here, for the different sub-theme workshops taking place between 17 and 18 June 2013.

Steering comments on input quality added 10 September.

Best wishes,


Aug 09 2013

Release of code version 4.1

Dear all,

Please find attached code version 4.1 with deadline for delivery 1 September 2013. Kindly respect this deadline.

The main changes to the code refer to the analytical modules. Some analytics for employment growth, firm dynamics and funding are added (one new module: regfund). Several issues raised by input data group have been taken into account, like leaving out firms with less than 10 employees and certain industries.

Jul 10 2013

check quality of input data

Dear all,

I hope you are having a good summer. Thanks again for hard work and uploading the run of v40.


Jul 01 2013

Themes, kind of reporting and deadlines

Please find attached a document with kind of reporting and deadlines.

Best wishes, Eva

May 23 2013

Interim report

Dear all,

On Wednesday 22 May I will circulate a draft of the project Interim report, due to be delivered to Eurostat by the latest end of May. Comments are welcome until Friday 24 May, close of play.

Version sent to Eurostat posted 31 May 2013. 

Best wishes,


Apr 28 2013

Agenda Stockholm steering meeting

This is the final agenda for the Stockholm steering meeting on 18-19 June. Presentations from all Stockholm workshops posted on 19 June.